Jackie warner rebecca dating

For the past three seasons, Rebecca Cardon, personal trainer and DFW (Down for Whatever) fun girl, has remained one of the show’s most popular and essential cast members.

This season, Rebecca played some lesbian reindeer games on an Olivia cruise, muscled her way through a grueling fitness DVD taping, and saw her Season 2 lip friction with Jackie get replaced with just plain old friction, which was then replaced by friendship.

I never thought about making a living at personal training but my partner from the Amazing Race really got me into it.

Mark: Did you do personal training prior to Workout?

I was like a starving animal," says Cardon, describing her hunger for connection. Jackie's intelligent, articulate, deep, fun, open-minded. "I was scared about being that intimate and felt like a 12-year-old, very nervous," she says.I had the chance to chat with Rebecca Cardon of Bravo’s hit series Workout which will return for a third season April 15th.Here is what she had to say about the new season, her relationship with Jackie and what got her started in fitness. I saw you last week at the Reality Cares event but lost you in the sea of attendees. AE: Well, that’s too bad because you have the look to play a kick-ass action star. , offers more than just weight-loss success stories and oh-no-she-di-int lesbian drama, courtesy of its star, Jackie Warner. AE: One of my favorite scenes from this season was the afternoon of pool games on the Olivia cruise.

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