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The UK is the Irish industry’s largest export market.

Prof Fahey, who works at UCD’s School of Agriculture and Food Science and has been involved in a series of economic reports evaluating the Irish sport horse industry, said: “Similar to the thoroughbred market, Ireland has an international reputation for producing quality pedigree sport horses, one that has been built up through the generations.“As shown in recent economic reports, including the most up-to-date work that has yet to be published, the sport horse industry has the potential to further increase its economic value beyond the current 700 million euro it contributes.“The industry is however exposed as any to the consequences of Brexit and we need to begin future-proofing ourselves for a number of potential outcomes, including tariffs on the export to Britain of Irish sport horses.”The forum at the RDS heard that a tripartite agreement between the respective departments of agriculture of Ireland, the UK and France, that has effectively allowed free movement of horses between all three countries, is potentially at risk due to Brexit.

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