Dating birthday etiquette

We’re constantly inundated with rom-coms, books and advice columns telling us we “deserve” to find Prince Charming… Sure, we’ve met some great guys, but no one ever seems to be charming enough or make us laugh all the time or know exactly what we’re thinking every minute of every day. What we sometimes forget is that our dream guy doesn’t exist (outside of the lives of Disney princess movies, that is!

) and that—as much as we hate to admit it—we’re not exactly perfect ourselves.

She is constantly asking me about women I'm friends with on Facebook. It's strange to see such a clear, easy solution to a problem and then have that be the only option that is not available.

Of course you have to break up with this person; she is a nightmare.

“It is poor relationship etiquette to play games to get him to ‘fight’ for you,” says Lesli Doares, licensed marriage and family therapist at Balanced Family.

“Purposely making him jealous to get him to show much he cares will only bring you trouble.” So don’t flirt with another guy right in front of your significant other or not text your guy back for three days straight just to see how much he cares; trust that your guy values your relationship instead of testing him to see just how much he does. He should be willing to help you with anything you deem too gross, scary or difficult to deal with yourself.

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She’s smart and cute and her face smells like bread, and you have a whole ten months until you have to buy her a birthday present.

Words are free but the sentiment behind them can be everlasting." She likes sending a handwritten card via snail mail.

This is true for everyone, including your significant other.

There's no need to pull a no-show to your friend's party in order to get out of the gift-giving obligation.

After all, we imagine that the guy you've been dating for three years might feel let down by only receiving a simple birthday card instead of a gift...whereas your old college roommate whom you don't speak to very often might think it's the sweetest thing ever. The cost of a gift should never be what's important, especially in these economic times.

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