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With First Class Mobile, i Phone®, i Pod touch®, and i Pad™ users can now take First Class with them on the road and have all of the power of First Class in the palm of their hands — delivering a true “anytime, anywhere” mobile collaboration experience.With First Class Mobile, users with a First Class account can:• Create, view, reply to, forward and delete email in their First Class account.• Play voice messages encoded in MP3 format.• View and access all containers on their First Class desktop.• Read, forward, reply to, and check history of messages in First Class Conferences.• Access a list of bookmarks created in the desktop version of First Class.• View documents created in the First Class desktop client.• View files uploaded to First Class, including images, text files and PDFs.• Search for First Class content from the First Class Mobile home screen.• Access First Class calendars and contacts.But nobody ever said, “Oh my God, I’m jealous because he has more money.” Never. We say almost every day to each other: “We don’t do this for the money.” We’re so happy that the money is OK, although we’ve had times when I was bankrupt which wasn’t nice. Of course, we earn a lot but I have hundreds of people on my payroll, so you can imagine how much goes out. I was a musical student in Maastricht when a local antique dealer who specialised in little antique organs, asked me, “Can you tune this for me?Money is about the way I live, when I decide with Marjorie, what we do and don’t do. ” I’d never done it before but managed it and he gave me 25 guilders.

With the death of dictator Kim Jong Il, his son has inherited a country facing an uncertain future -- one where many now dream of prosperity and Western luxury.It was what they had been taught, as a sign of respect, and that was exactly what they did on Monday, after a news anchor, choking back the tears, had announced that the "Dear Leader" was dead.Mothers with children, students, office workers, construction crews -- thousands climbed the wide steps up to the floodlit statue in Pyongyang, many holding white chrysanthemums in their hands.The World Championships kicks off on July 28 and runs until August 6 at Vienna’s Danube Island where the world’s best players will play in front of fans at a 10,000-capacity Center Court.Famously dubbed the “King of Waltz”, André Rieu, 66, first picked up the violin at just five years old, went on to form his own orchestra and has sold more than 35 million records to date.

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