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The worst thing was that there were so many children working there as slaves.

I couldn't bear to see it all again,” Christina said. Their pimps maintain a tight grip with blackmail and abuse.

Utopia will follow a group of people who find themselves in possession of a manuscript of a cult graphic novel.

The tome is rumoured to have predicted the worst disasters of the last century and the group soon find themselves targeted by a shadowy organisation known only as The Network.

will go out in the night looking at women who are dressed to kill and they drool over them," said Brenda Otieno, who supported the protests in Nairobi.

While some applauded the protests, others said they are a distraction from the main issues.

See more » Until now, for me the BBC's The Edge of Darkness (1985) and State of Play (2003) were by far the best in the genre.

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Protesters marched through downtown carrying placards that read "My dress, my choice" while others donned mini-skirts, the same attire the unidentified woman wore when she was attacked. Others joined the march to rally against the protests, chanting "don't be naked" and "wear clothes." More photos: #My Dress My Choice This is not the first time a woman has been undressed for purported indecent dressing in the East African nation, which is a majority Christian.And she's driving us wild with this swimsuit of choice.The flaxen-haired babe put her buxom cleavage on full display in her draped black one piece by Apt.She looks terrified as she is pushed and shoved by a group of men, who eventually strip her naked.In the background, attackers yell "Toa" -- Swahili for "take it off! "It's so sad that these men who strip women are the same same men who ...

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